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If you have lost one or many teeth, you can eventually have them replace with implants. Imagine having artificial teeth firmly anchored in your jaw .They are more esthetic and more durable then other conventional method of teeth replacement and function just like natural teeth without sacrificing neighboring teeth just like with a fixed bridge

If you have denture, imagine yourself being able to eat corn on the cob or apples. You can talk, laugh and smile without the fear of having the removable bridgework slip or make a clicking noise. With implants you can finally forget you are wearing false teeth.

Free yourself of the inconvenience of conventional denture. You will be able to chew and smile without embarrassment. Implants will help you regain your self-confidence so you can live a fuller and more active life.

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What is an implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium cylinder that replaces the root of a tooth. It is surgically inserted into the bone of the jaw. Then the bone will grow and fuse to the implant. An artificial tooth or crown is attached to the implant. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or many teeth without the need of damaging the surrounding healthy teeth to hold a bridge. Even edentulous patients can benefit from dentures that are clipped or screwed over implants.

Implants have been used for over 40 years. After all these years of fully monitored clinical studies and documented research, implants are fully proven to be safe and are a widely accepted procedure. Dr. Berbari uses only high quality material and best known technique to help restore your smile and help you enjoy life,

How is it done???

The insertion of the implant is done under local anesthesia here at the clinic. We insure that all precautions are taken to meet the highest standard of hygiene and sterilization to avoid any risk of failure of the integration of the implant. Generally, pain prior to the insertion of the implant is moderate and comparable to the degree of pain felt when having an extraction. The incisions are placed in the interior of my mouth in order to place the Straumann titanium implants. They will serve if successful as anchorage for crowns, fixed bridge or fix and/or removable dental prostheses.

You have to be prepared to be without your denture for about 2 weeks after the insertion of the implant. After this period, we can modify your old denture to fit over the implants or make a temporary denture or crown. Around the healing period of 4 months, the prosthetic work on your new implant begins. This can take between 5 to 6 visits for denture and around 2 visits for a crown.

Risks associated with implant insertion

The risks associated with the insertion of implant under local anesthesia are swelling, pain, damage to the neighboring teeth, dental and/or bone infection, loss of sensation of the soft tissue of the area. In any event the risks related with the surgery are: Swelling, pain, loss of sensation of the tongue, lip(s), gingiva, chin, Floor of the mouth which might be temporary or permanent. There is also a risk of fracture of the jaw especially in the cases where the remaining bone is thin. There is also a possibility of an accidental perforation of the floor of the maxillary sinus(es) and of the inferior alveolar canal(s).

The ASTRA implant is guaranteed by Dentsply Sirona for a period of 5 years but the surgery cannot be guaranteed especially if factors encountered during or after the surgery prohibit the placement of the implant(s) and that their reject is possible, necessitating its/their removal and possible replacement later on. We can only assure you of an excellent quality of care and professional competence to the best of our abilities.

The implantology techniques have been used for several years in Europe and in North America and that the Straumann Titanium implants are approved for use by health and welfare Canada .

Osteointegrated implants and alternative treatments

The other alternatives to implants are: no treatment, fabrication of a new removable dental prosthesis without surgery, reconstruction of the jaw with soft tissue surgery, skin graft bone graft with synthetic bone or hydroxiapatite.

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