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Dental Implants

Missing teeth make everyday tasks such as chewing and speaking difficult and even embarrassing

Dental implants are widely considered the gold standard in tooth replacement. They are durable, biocompatible, and financeable

What makes dental implants the preferred method of tooth replacement…

Dental Implants Look and Function Just Like Natural Teeth

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High Success Rates

Various studies have concluded that dental implant treatment has a 95 percent or higher success rate. Most patients will only have to undergo implant treatment once in their lifetime

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Stability and Aesthetics

Because implants anchor restorations such as dentures directly to your jawbone, they eliminate the need for adhesive and can look and feel more natural than traditional prosthetics.

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Jawbone Support

After surgery, dental implants act as your tooth roots and carry regenerative signals to your jawbone. This helps prevent additional bone loss and restore volume to your facial features

Let’s take a closer look at how dental implants work…

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Implants act as artificial tooth roots to create a natural look, feel, and function.

Are Dental Implants Common among Patients with Missing Teeth?

over 5 million implants were placed by U.S. dentist in 2006 alone

*According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Advancing techniques and technologies in the field of dentistry have helped more patients than ever access dental implant treatment. Patients with bone loss and dental phobia can still undergo dental implant surgery thanks to procedures such as bone augmentation and deep level sedation. 

How do I know if I qualify for dental implants? 

Schedule a Free Consultation

There are certain requirements for patients interested in dental implants. In order to determine that you are a good candidate, Dr. Roni Berbari and his team will assess your medical history, oral health, and conduct 3D imaging. Initial consultations for implant treatment are free at our office.

Candidacy requirements for dental implants include:  

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Strong, Sufficient Bone Tissue

Your jawbone can lose volume or strength due to prolonged tooth loss or facial trauma. Dr. Berbari can help you overcome this obstacle with an in-office bone graft or sinus lift.

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Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

Because smoking has been linked to an increased risk of surgical complications and implant failure, most doctors recommend that you quit smoking if you are considering dental implants.

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Good Oral Health

Conditions such as periodontal health can increase your risk of implant failure. We can treat gum disease and other symptoms at our practice prior to your implant surgery. 

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Stable Glucose Levels

Although diabetes is not a contraindication for surgery, patients with uncontrolled diabetes may experience slower healing and an increased risk of post-operative complications. 

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Age 18 or Older

Dental implants are generally recommended for patients over the age of 18 because the smiles of children and teenagers are still developing even after premature tooth loss. 

What exactly happens during surgery? 

During implant placement, Dr. Berbari will embed the post into your jawbone.

How long is it going to take to achieve a complete smile? 

Your Treatment Timeline Can Span Several Months

Depending on the condition of your smile and overall end goals, treatment could span several months.

  1. Extraction: Dr. Berbari can extract an infected or damaged tooth and perform a socket preservation graft to prepare the area for dental implants. In some cases, he can place an implant on the same day. But for most patients, we prefer to let the extraction site heal for two months prior to implant surgery
  2. Bone Augmentation: If your 3D images show that bone loss has occurred, we can perform an in-office bone graft or sinus lift. We have two types of grafts available. Autografts utilize bone from another part of your body while allografts use bone from a genetically similar organism.
  3. Osseointegration: Your bone graft will fuse with your surrounding bone tissue over the next three to six months. Once your graft is fully healed, we can perform implant surgery.
  4. Dental Implant Placement: During surgery, you will be placed under either intravenous or oral conscious sedation. Dr. Berbari will place the implants himself using a surgical guide to ensure accuracy. Although the length of your surgery will vary depending on how many implants you are receiving, most procedures are completed within one to two hours. 
  5. Healing: With proper care, most patients are fully recovered within three to four months. To promote osseointegration during your recovery, you should avoid smoking and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
  6. Abutments: When you are fully healed, you will come back to our office to receive your abutments. We will also take impressions on the same day. 
  7. Custom Restorations: Your impressions will be sent to a local lab where a skilled lab technician will carefully craft your crowns, bridges, or dentures.
  8. Delivery: A few days later, you will come back to our practice so that we can attach your final restoration. 

Once you receive your final restoration, you can care for your implants just like your natural teeth

The final results? See for yourself...

So what exactly will dental implants cost me? 

The Cost of Dental Implants Varies from Patient to Patient

Although many patients worry about the cost of dental implants, a single tooth implant is less expensive than a traditional dental bridge and does not require alteration of healthy surrounding teeth. Although the cost of your treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and additional associated costs, the cost breakdown is generally: 

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3D Imaging


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Our practice also offers several financing options and will work with you to find a plan that fits your budget. Some of your options include: 

  • 12 equal payments with 0 percent interest 
  • 24 equal payments with 5 percent service charge and zero percent interest 
  • 48 and 60 equal payments with 8.9 percent interest 

We also offer free consultations for dental implant patients. 

I’m too embarrassed to do something about my missing teeth….

If You Are Missing Teeth, You Are Not Alone

According to the Canadian Dental Association, approximately 6 in 100 Canadian adults have no remaining teeth. Dental implants can help you get the treatment you deserve. 

Very friendly staff, very professional, very helpful. Rudy T.

Dr. Roni Berbari

dr. berbari

Dr. Berbari and his team can perform your entire dental implant treatment from start to finish in one office. To provide every patient with the highest level of care, Dr. Berbari continuously undergoes advanced training in implant dentistry, surgical techniques, and cosmetic dentistry.

Start working towards the smile you have always wanted today. Schedule your free dental implant consultation by contacting us online or calling us at (514) 733-3933.

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