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Dr. Berbari is always on the lookout for new technologies. Over the past years, innovative technologies such as numeric imaging as reached dentistry helping dentist offer to their patient the best possible care and services.

Photo of a dental x-ray

Numeric X-rays

Some patients are worried about the risks of radiation associated with X-Rays can be reassured. With the use of numeric x-rays the level of radiation can be reduced up to 90%. Furthermore, the wait time for developing in considerably reduce so patient can reduce their wait time in the dentist chair.

The possibility to manipulate the images with a computer software help us give patients a better diagnosis and also help patient comprehend and understand the proposed treatments.

Dental Scanner

The dental scanner allows us to acquire numerically the image of your tooth. This machine puts on a map the different shade on your teeth and even measure the translucency, all in a simple click! Once registered in the system, the dentist can transmit all the information gathered on the color on your teeth to the dental technician Who will create a more natural looking porcelain tooth to your satisfaction.

The scanner as many advantages. It offers personalized shades of teeth without having to go to the laboratory himself. Helps increase quality control and efficacy by reducing the risk of mismatch.

Computerized anesthesia

All patients feel discomfort when having an injection. A topical gel is applied on the gum prior to the injection which helps diminish the pricking sensation of the needle. The dentist then injects the liquid which cause pressure and sometime pain with computerize anesthesia; the pressure cause by the liquid entering the gum tissue is controlled. The flow is slow and even and leave the patient with a more pleasant sensation.

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