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Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants is an important topic for patients looking to replace their missing teeth.

But just like any valuable investment, it’s important to look at the lifetime value of dental implants, not just the initial price tag.

With the flexible financing offered at Montreal Smiles in Montreal, QC, we can make your investment worthwhile.

It's Important to Look at the Big Picture

People are often concerned about the cost of dental implants, especially since other teeth replacement treatments typically have a lower upfront price. But we remind our Montreal Smiles patients that it's important to take a step back and look at lifetime costs of their dental work–as well as the impact on your quality of life–for a fair comparison.

For example, if you opt for dentures you should understand that your jawbone will continue to deteriorate without the stimulation that dental implants provide. You will need get your dentures relined and adjusted and eventually, replaced entirely as more bone deteriorates. It's important to factor in these ongoing visits to the dentist for replacement dental work when you talk about price.

We Offer Flexible Financing

We believe the vitality of your smile is important to your overall wellbeing, so we offer several in-house financing options at our Montreal practice. We're happy to work with you to find a plan for your budget. Our flexible options include:

  • 12 equal payments with 0 percent interest 
  • 24 equal payments with 5 percent service charge and zero percent interest 
  • 48 and 60 equal payments with 8.9 percent interest

What Factors Could Affect My Dental Implant Cost?

No one is alike and neither are implants, which are highly customized for your mouth. Factors that can affect what you will pay include:
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Here's a closer look at these important factors

The Number of Implant Posts Needed

A dental implant is the titanium post that is inserted into the bone and acts like a tooth's root. The number of implants you need depends on how many teeth are missing. A single tooth needs just one implant while a bridge requires two. With dentures, the number can typically vary from as few as four to as many as eight.

Type of Restoration You Choose

An implant can hold a variety of restorations, from a simple crown that replaces one tooth to a bridge that replaces a series of teeth to a full denture. Larger dental restorations have a higher price tag and the price can increase if advanced materials such as zirconia or IPS e.max® are selected. 

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Treating Other Oral Health Problems

Some people may need preparatory procedures to create a strong, healthy environment for implants. If you lack sufficient bone, bone grafts may be recommended to create a solid foundation for the implant. Another common procedure is a sinus lift to avoid complications with sinuses. 


Sedation is not always a necessity, but Dr. Berbari offers sedation dentistry for people who are concerned about oral surgery. The type of sedation you select can affect how your treatment proceeds and the overall price. 

We believe the vitality of your smile is important to your overall wellbeing, so we offer several in-house financing options at our Montreal practice. We're happy to work with you to find a plan for your budget.

Do You Want a More Exact Price? Request a Free Consultation

With so many variables when it comes to dental implants, the best way to understand your dental implant cost is to request a free consultation with our dentist, Dr. Berbari. We offer free consultations for dental implant patients so they can get reliable answers about implant pricing.

An Investment with Lifetime Benefits

Dental implants are the preferred method for replacing missing teeth because not only do they restore your smile, but implants also perform a vital role in maintaining a strong jawbone. No other teeth replacement treatment does that.
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Protects against Bone Loss

Bone, like muscle, needs to be stimulated regularly to maintain its volume and strength. When teeth are lost, the bone in the surrounding area almost immediately begins to deteriorate. 

Improves Aging Facial Features

Dental implants help you avoid bone loss that ages you. As teeth and bone are lost, your face becomes shorter in height and the vertical lines on your face will deepen, making you look older. 

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Avoids Future Dental Problems 

Implants can also help you avoid future dental problems. If teeth are not replaced, then other teeth shift to fill the open space causing additional complications and more dental work.

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