How to Choose the Most Natural Looking Dental Crowns By Roni S. Berbari, DMD on October 15, 2020

Two dental crowns sitting on reflective white surfaceWhen teeth have been badly damaged or decayed, your dentist may recommend dental crowns. This type of restoration covers the entire tooth to provide additional support and protection. Crowns can be placed on front or back teeth to restore appearance, function, and health.

Special considerations should be taken when patients want to choose the most natural looking dental crowns. Restorations in the smile zone should be strong enough to withstand biting forces, but also natural-looking for a beautiful appearance. Here, Dr. Roni Berbari and our team at Montreal Smiles in Montreal, QC, explore factors to consider when placing a crown on in the smile zone.

What Conditions Warrant a Crown?

There are many reasons why a tooth in the smile zone may need a dental crown. For example, you may require this type of restoration if you have:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Sustained a crack or fracture
  • Had root canal therapy on a tooth that requires additional support
  • Replaced a tooth with a dental implant

If you have dental damage or decay, our dentists can assess the issue during a consultation at our Montreal, QC, practice. We can then discuss all of your treatment options in detail.

Advanced Materials for Natural Outcomes

In the past, dental crowns were often made of metal. In fact, gold was a popular material because it is strong, malleable, and friendly to the oral tissues. Today, some crowns are still made of metal. However, they are typically placed on back teeth, where the majority of the chewing takes place.

Advanced materials have made it possible to create crowns that are not only strong, but also aesthetically pleasing. Today, we commonly use crowns made from ceramic, zirconia, or other natural-looking materials. These types of crowns mimic dental enamel for a lifelike appearance.

What Type of Crown Should I Choose?

There are three types of crowns commonly used for restoring teeth in the smile zone. They are:

  • All-ceramic: Crowns made from 100 percent medical-grade ceramic look more natural. At Montreal Smiles, we utilize CEREC® technology, which allows us to create custom restorations in our office while you wait.
  • Zirconia: These crowns are resilient, long-lasting, and resistant against chipping. Your dentist may recommend a zirconia crown if additional reinforcement is necessary, though they are more often placed on back teeth than front teeth.
  • E-max: Made from ceramic and lithium disilicate, E-max crowns are an excellent option for front and back teeth. They offer both optimal strength and aesthetics.

Caring for Your Crown

Once you receive a new crown, it is important to care for it properly. Fortunately, dental crowns do not require a lot of additional maintenance. Simply brush and floss them every day and attend all scheduled dental visits. We recommend purchasing a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to prevent micro-scratches from developing.

Learn More about Dental Crowns

If you need a crown for a tooth in the smile zone, schedule a consultation at Montreal Smiles. Our team can help you explore your treatment options and find an effective solution for your needs. Contact our Montreal, QC, practice online or call us at (514) 733-3933.

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