The Benefits of Professional vs. OTC Teeth Whitening By Roni S. Berbari, DMD on December 13, 2016

Patient undergoing teeth whitening treatmentNo matter how well a person cares for his or her teeth, it is normal for dark colored foods and beverages to stain the teeth over time. With the presence of surface stains, it can be difficult to achieve the bright, white smile that most people desire.

Teeth whitening improves the color of the teeth and eliminates areas of discoloration to give patients a more beautiful smile. There are many over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening products available, but patients who are looking for dramatic results should really consider professional teeth whitening. When it comes to OTC vs. professional teeth whitening, our Montreal, QC patients will not find any better results than those provided by Dr. Roni S. Berbari’s professional teeth whitening treatment.

How Effective Is OTC Teeth Whitening?

OTC teeth whitening products can be very appealing. They are readily available, affordable, and offered in products (toothpastes, mouthwashes, and floss) that most patients already use as part of their daily oral hygiene routine.

However, the convenience of over-the-counter teeth whitening products is far greater than the effectiveness of these products. OTC teeth whitening products do not use bleaching agents that are as strong as those found in professional products. Patients can use these products repeatedly and may only see the color of the teeth improve by a couple of shades. OTC teeth whitening products also rarely address intrinsic stains, which can be more difficult to remove.

The safety of OTC teeth whitening products may also be an issue. When used as directed, these products should not cause any harm. However, many patients apply OTC teeth whitening products incorrectly, or overuse the products in an attempt to get the results they desire. In either case, the soft tissues of the mouth can become damaged. As far as safety and effectiveness go, OTC teeth whitening cannot compete with professional teeth whitening treatment.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening uses quality bleaching agents that are stronger than those found in OTC products. During in-office treatment, a bleaching gel is applied directly to the teeth, and then the mouth is exposed to a UV light or dental laser that will activate the bleaching agents. In-office treatment takes less than an hour and can brighten the teeth by an average of eight shades.

With professional teeth whitening, it takes under an hour to provide greater results than could ever be achieved after weeks of OTC teeth whitening treatment. An added benefit is that a dental professional supervises the entire treatment, so patients can feel confident that treatment is completely safe, and the soft tissues of the mouth will not be damaged in any way.

Many patients are impressed by the effectiveness of professional teeth whitening, but still prefer the comfort and convenience of at-home care. Dr. Berbari does offer at-home professional teeth whitening as well. This combines the power of professional teeth whitening with the flexibility of at-home care. Patients who choose to undergo at-home professional teeth whitening will be provided with custom-fit teeth whitening trays. This greatly minimizes the risk of soft tissue damage without forcing patients to compromise on the results of treatment.

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