Candidates for Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment By Roni S. Berbari, DMD on May 12, 2015

A woman outdoors smilingHere at Montreal Smiles, we offer our patients some of the finest treatments, including comprehensive restorative dentistry focused on total wellness. Some dental problems are quite complex, however, which is why a full mouth reconstruction may be ideal, combining multiple kinds of treatments in order to improve overall dental health and wellness. Let's consider the full mouth reconstruction right now.

General Candidates for Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

Good candidates for full mouth reconstructions are people who have major dental health issues that cannot be sufficiently treated with just a single restorative procedure. In some cases, these are patients who have not visited the dentist in a long time and require substantial reconstructive work in order to restore good dental health.

Treating Major Tooth Decay and Damage

Full mouth reconstructions are a great option when treating major tooth decay and tooth damage that a patient has faced. In these cases, the use of dental fillings, inlays, onlays, and dental crowns may be considered.

Addressing Tooth Loss

The loss of teeth is not uncommon when a patient has neglected proper oral hygiene or has been injured in some form of accident. In such cases, the use of a dental bridge or a denture can be considered to restore the missing tooth. Some patients may want to consider getting dental implants in order to fix a dental restoration in place.

Solutions for Gum Disease and Recession

Gum disease and gum recession are both serious periodontal health issues that can be addressed during a full mouth reconstruction. For gum disease, the use of antiseptic rinses or antibiotics may be recommended. To address gum recession, special grafting and augmentation surgeries can help rebuild the lost soft tissue.

Root Canals for Infected Teeth

Sometimes the internal dental pulp in a tooth becomes infected, which is very painful and can lead to severe health issues. A root canal will remove the infected dental pulp within a tooth, saving the tooth from extraction.

Extractions for Serious Tooth Injuries

Sometimes a major dental problem or injury will be so bad that the tooth is unable to be saved. In these cases, the best option to consider is tooth extraction. When the tooth is removed, your dentist can discuss options for replacing the tooth that was extracted.

Treating TMJ Disorders and Jaw Issues

Issues with the alignment of the jaw can result in TMJ disorders and other issues. In such cases, we can use advanced diagnostic techniques to assess and treat your dental problem. Only in severe cases will surgical intervention be an option.

Orthodontic Care for Malocclusion

Sometimes the best option to consider for teeth that are poorly aligned is orthodontic treatment. Adult braces can be used to improve alignment and help prep a patient's teeth for other treatments.

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