Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Smile

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Cleaning and Prevention

We perform regular dental cleanings, as well as specialized cleanings geared toward younger patients, older patients, patients with extensive dental work or dental implants, and other patients with special needs. For patients with periodontal issues, we also offer deep cleanings in the form of root planing and scaling.

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The Initial Dental Exam

Prior to the complete examination, it is essential that a member of our team meet with you to open up your dental file. Many questions need to be answered before looking in your mouth; if you have any health problems or take any medications, if you are feeling any discomfort in your mouth or have anything you would like to change in your smile. Gathering all this information will help us learn a little bit about yourself, of your needs and allows us to prepare a personalized dental health plan.

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TMJ Disorder

TMJ stands for the articulation that joins the temporal bone (head) to the mandible bone (jaw). If there is an imbalance in these joints, cycle of pain or muscle spasm can occur. Some common results are: Headaches; earaches; difficulty in opening and closing; clicking or popping in the joint; a dull aching pain around the ears that spreads to the face; sore and painful jaw muscle; clenching and grinding; toothaches.

To restore balance to the joint, the bite or occlusion can be adjusted. A splint, which is a plastic mouthpiece, can help restoring the harmony to the joints. In extreme severe cases, surgery may be necessary to repair the damage part of the joint.

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Dr. Berbari is always on the lookout for new technologies. Over the past years, innovative technologies such as numeric imaging as reached dentistry helping dentist offer to their patient the best possible care and services.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth usually appear in the mouth in the late teens or early twenties. If their growth is normal, you will not have to worry about them, but often because of the lack of space, they are inclined or stuck underneath the gum. This is called an impacted tooth and needs to be pulled out.

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Postoperative Care

It's normal to experience some discomfort for several days after the surgery. Take pain medication as recommended or take a mild pain reliever such as Ibuprofen: Advil. If antibiotics are prescribed, take them for the indicated length of time even if all the symptoms and signs of infections are gone.

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